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“Akzirve Real Estate Investment” Always seizing perfection! // Corporate Website
Akzirve Real Estate Investment // Corporate Website
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Brand. AKZİRVE REAL ESTATE and INVESTMENT Project Date. 2016-11-20 Industry. Construction, Coorperate

Transfering 50 years of international commercial and real estate development experience to Turkey, Akzirve Real Estate and Investment, builds all it′s projects on globally high standarts and features of construction particulars satisfying any kind of demand from overseas.

Corporate web site of the brand is telling a story of reaching the summit of targets within the experiences of the past and the present corporate goals. How brand′s corporate identity is emphasized, also draws the outlines of the project′s interface which is driven by a whole inline concept on corporate guides and values, giving a brief information about the international power of the brand, past commercial experience, goals, active portfolio and upcoming longterm projects.

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