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“Sütaş Selfie with My Mother” How about surprising your mother? // Advergame
Sütaş Selfie with My Mother // Advergame
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Brand. SÜTAŞ Project Date. 2014-05-01 Industry. Food, Beverages

How about surprising your mother, the most special person in your life? Share a selfie with your mom and the most sentimental "Mother′s Day" message with the hashtag #Annemlesütaşselfie (#sutasselfiewithmymother) on Twitter. Make your mom happy, and get the chance to win a special gift from Sütaş for Mother′s Day.

Take a selfie with your mom, and tweet it with the most sentimental "Mother′s Day" message. Best tweets selected by Sütaş will win a gift set every day.

  • Art Direction
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Creative Idea, Campaign, Moderation

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