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“Bilfen Schools” Education is a serious subject, it requires commitment rather than just knowledge. // Website
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Brand. BİLFEN SCHOOLS Project Date. 2012-09-06 Industry. Education

Bilfen Schools set out to contribute to the education of next generations and help them achieve success. The key to this long-standing steady success of Bilfen Schools is hidded in the saying "Education is a serious subject, it requires commitment rather than just knowledge" which reflects its founder′s approach to education. Today, Bilfen Schools has become a chain of educational institutions with increasing and consistent contributions to education with its 15 High Schools, 17 Primary Schools, 15 Secondary Schols and 30 Nursery Schools.

To introduce Bilfen Schools′ structural organization and its understanding of education to parents and students, its website structure is diversified by the centers of interest such as Nursery School, Primary School, High School and Corporate, etc. The system also allows access to all special program, event, news and academic program of each Bilfen School. All schools are administered through CMS individually and completely with all their sub-pages on the website; and an effective communication has been established with the visitors taking into account several performance criteria including page load times, being properly viewable in all browsers, design compatibility with mobile devices, easy access to relevant, high quality search results, etc.

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