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“A Tale Of Sütaşk” Will Kocaoğlan and Sarıkız be able to reunite before Valentine′s Day? // Advergame
A Tale Of Sütaşk // Advergame
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Brand. SÜTAŞ Project Date. 2014-02-05 Industry. Food, Beverages

Once upon a time, when the early morning sun was shining on the green green grass of meadows, they cheerfully go out to crop. Kocaoğlan walks away a bit from Sarıkız to collect her some daisies that she loves. But to his horror, when he is back, he cannot find Sarıkız at the same place.

Kocaoğlan and Sarıkız needs support Tweets from Sütaş fans to reunite. Every tweet of love you send helps them get closer to each other.

  • Art Direction
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Creative Idea, Campaign, Moderation

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