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“BOM Academy, Borusan” Would you like to drive your car as good as a professional racer? // Website
BOM Academy, Borusan // Website
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Brand. BORUSAN MOTORSPORTS Project Date. 2015-03-01 Industry. Education

BOM ACADEMY has been initiated as a social responsibility project within the organization of Borusan Otomotiv Motorsport. BOM Academy aims to provide a wide range of effective training courses for automobile drivers with its experienced staff of instructors, and offers trainees advance driving experience programs in 5 main categories which are designed to be fun as much as they are safe and informative.

BOM Academy also offers personalized training programs depending on drive level; and its training programs are shown with a rich content and visual infrastructure on its website where it is also possible to enroll in programs online and select a training program based on your interest by using the "Pathfinder" module.

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