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“City′s Nişantaşı” Fashion and life center of Istanbul! // Website
City′s Nişantaşı // Website
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Brand. GÜLAYLAR GROUP Project Date. 2014-12-09 Industry. Shopping

Integrated with the historical architecture of Nişantaşı in great harmony and accordance, City′s will offer you increased options in shopping with special national and international brands; and it will become your one and only address where you can try different tastes from various world cuisines, have a pleasant time with your loved ones, enjoy a comfortable movie time, work out or have a nice conversation with your friends at Mahalle; to sum up, where you can enjoy city life and feel privileged with its location and services.
FEATURES is designed with the idea "Nişantaşı is the center of fashion in Istanbul; and City′s is the center of Nişantaşı" in mind, aiming that it is as fashionable, stylish, modern and easily accessible as Nişantası. The button "Explore City′s" on the home page gives a stylish presentation of Mahalle, Movie′s, Food&Beverage, Services and Events of City′s with parallax, making sure that visitors can feel the spirit of City′s before they go there. Information about brands and stores, events, restaurants in Mahalle and movies playing in theater can also be found on the website with its responsive features.

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