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“Gülaylar Group” Power echoing from the past with a 90-year of experience! // Corporate Website
Gülaylar Group // Corporate Website
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Brand. GÜLAYLAR GROUP Project Date. 2015-07-10 Industry. Group of Companies

Today, relying on its 90 years of experience and a secure foundation, Gülaylar Group continues to operate in its main business, jewelry, offering a wide range of services from design to production, wholesale to retail, and importation to exportation with a fully integrated organization structure. In time, by adding other business lines such as Tourism, Real Estate and Construction to its core jewelry business, the Group has become one of the pioneering corporations in Turkey in these three industries, making its presence felt in the international market.

The Group′s website provides a detailed description of Group Companies and its lines of business, as well as information of all brands and investments, and it also features a Gallery section where the companies are displayed with images.

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