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“Kaya Hotels & Resorts” Holiday, fun, pleasure, everything and more… // Website
Kaya Hotels & Resorts // Website
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Brand. KAYA HOLDING Project Date. 2012-10-10 Industry. Tourism

Established in 1974, Kaya Holding is today active in the fields of construction, tourism, finance, oil, energy and beverages with its 8 companies and its professional staff of more than 2500 employees. Affiliate companies of Kaya Holding are the pioneers and experts in their fields and give services either directly or indirectly to thousands of customers located in different parts of the world. Especially in tourism and construction sectors, Kaya Holding operates in global markets in addition to local markets.

The website presents the rooms and suits, restaurants and bars, meeting halls and activities of Kaya hotels, where you can have holidays in all 4 seasons, in full detail with pictures.

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