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“Kendi Modanı Yarat” Explore the fun world of sewing with Singer! // Micro Website
Kendi Modanı Yarat // Micro Website
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Brand. SİNGER Project Date. 2014-09-27 Industry. Life

The website Kendi Modanı Yarat (Create Your Own Fashion) makes sewing popular with people and teaches them how to sew, bringing color to the world of sewing with the contributions of Singer. Learning how to sew is very easy now with an introduction to sewing tools and the sewing lessons with step-by-step demonstrations on the website. Moreover, it includes several tips and sewing projects for people, who would like to know more about sewing, to follow.

The practical and fun world of sewing is described by regularly updated topics including learning how to sew, sewing tips, sewing projects and new uses for old things sections. Columns of İlknur Eşiz, training coordinator at Singer, and Hakan Akkaya, fashion designer, also cover some interesting facts.

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