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“Meydan İstanbul” Pleasure of outdoor shopping! // Website
Meydan İstanbul // Website
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Brand. GÜLAYLAR GROUP Project Date. 2014-12-24 Industry. Shopping

Meydan Istanbul Shopping and Life Center is one of the most remarkable shopping malls with the largest surface area in Istanbul and Turkey. Meydan Istanbul Shopping Center has an annual capacity of 32 million visitors in total and it accommodates several prominent global retail store brands notably IKEA, Media Markt and Real as well as stores of nearly 80 other brands, restaurants, cafes and movie theaters with a seating capacity of 2.500 people equipped with the latest technology to serve its visitors. It is the most pleasant place for those wishing to enjoy the pleasure of outdoor shopping.

Meydan Istanbul is a next generation, eco-friendly shopping mall dominated by green and earth colors under sunlight, and its website provides detailed information of the stores, events, food&beverage stores as well as all details of the movies playing at the movie theater on the movie page updated weekly.

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