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“Miss Kumash” The most in-style fabric website in Turkey! // E-Commerce
Miss Kumash // E-Commerce
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Brand. RUMELİ İNTERAKTİF Project Date. 2015-08-10 Industry. Textile

Miss Kumash first emerged as an idea in early 2012, and was established within the organization of Görüş Tekstil which started its business operations in 1966, and has taken the principle of always making and producing high quality products since then. Considering the very low number of online fabric sales website worldwide, Miss Kumash has accomplished to become one of the most successful and high-quality examples of its class not only in Turkey but also around the world.

Any type of fabric and accessories are available on the website where you can also buy fabric. Detailed information about fabric types, washing instructions and how many meters you need to buy are also provided on the website. You can also benefit from several discounts by following the campaigns which are updated regularly.

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  • SEO

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