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“Nea Garden Hotel” We are from Çeşme, we are different... // Website
Nea Garden Hotel // Website
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Brand. NEA GARDEN HOTEL Project Date. 2015-04-01 Industry. Tourism

We dreamed of 24 suits in Çamlıkyol, the greenest area of Alaçatı full of pine scents, in walking distance from Ilıca Beach and downtown Alaçatı, all different in size and spaciousness, so unique that you can hardly find anywhere like it in the region. Nea Garden, the new boutique hotel with garden concept in Alaçatı, a place where we all dream about with its surfers riding the wind, lavender-scented alleys, old masonry houses standing to dare history, is designed to add a new color to Alaçatı, where we were born and grew up...

Its website presents the rooms and suits, playgrounds for children, restaurant and bars, and outdoor sports facilities of the hotel in full detail with pictures. It also provides brief notes for aficionados of surfing and Alaçatı.

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