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Brand. PFAFF TURKEY Project Date. 2017-07-10 Industry. Production, Industry

For 150 years, the Pfaff name has been synonymous with excellence in sewing. The company started out manufacturing sewing machines for industrial use only. All that changed when the first Pfaff for home use was introduced in 1931. The new generation of Pfaff sewing machines and sergers for the home, is no exception. Since the 1980s, the Pfaff Creative line has been one of the most popular sewing and embroidery lines on the market.

All technical specifications, how-to-use videos, accessories, key features, embroidery project images of Pfaff sewing machines are available in brief details. Pfaff corporate information, authorized services and sale points can also be found as well. Web site also offers a secure and easy way of shopping experience for sewing fanciers on the competitive advantages of the brand itself. Product content can likely be shared on social platforms.

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