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“Rumeli İnteraktif” Passion for high-quality fabric from past to present... // Corporate Website
Rumeli İnteraktif // Corporate Website
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Brand. RUMELİ İNTERAKTİF Project Date. 2015-11-01 Industry. Textile

Rumeli Interactive, also the investor of Miss Kumash, the first and largest online fabric and shopping website, has so become the world′s one of the largest groups today, engaged in online sales of fabric and sewing products. Rumeli Interactive has become a Group company with 6 different fabric and shopping websites and aims to expand its business worldwide in the short run.

Rumeli Interactive is the leading brand in fabric fashion today with its all brands and collections, and sells the best quality apparel fabric online with its affiliated companies; and all of its 6 brands are described in detail on its website.

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