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“Still İstanbul Adoria” A brand-new life with your loved ones! // Website
Still İstanbul Adoria // Website
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Brand. YEŞİLYURT CONSTRUCTION Project Date. 2015-11-20 Industry. Construction

For those who do not like sitting at home, who come home sick and tired of the busy traffic every day or who do not live staying away from home for so long; it is possible to belong to a different world standing just a few steps away. Taking a walk at the amazing garden of Adoria, sitting under the pergola, having a rest under the trees or shaking off the effects of a tiring day at the cafeteria or maybe catching up on your work with a cup of coffee... All of these are possible.

Still Istanbul Adoria has attracted attention with its high standards and modern architecture, and its sales started fast as soon as the project was launched. The project website was designed and introduced to users with a responsive interface with stylish lines aligned with the stylish and young brand identity; whilst it is ensured with a sales and communication-oriented approach that potential buyers can be easily referred to the sales office and liaison any time.

  • Art Direction
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Social Media Communication
  • SEO

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