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“Strada Bahçeşehir” Street′s here, life′s here, home′s here! // Website
Strada Bahçeşehir // Website
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Brand. AKZİRVE REAL ESTATE and INVESTMENT Project Date. 2016-11-23 Industry. Construction

Strada is the name of a unique residential project in İstanbul which means street in Italian, gathering around the idea of a high street at the center of Bahçeşehir residential area. A new way of living; bringing together joy, energy and happiness of a high street life with the inner peace of a high quality living at home while creating a great social ambiance with gardens, recreational and shopping spaces outside.

As an idea of the project concept; being the new "Cadde" for the European side residents, web site of the Strada locates itself dynamically on the digital platforms to communicate with its potantial residents. Users may easily have an access to place an online information request and have further details about the location, concept, floor plans, architectural features of the project and contractor Akzirve Real Estate and Investment itself.

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