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“Surplus Restaurant” Flavors from these lands from past to present! // Website
Surplus Restaurant // Website
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Brand. SURPLUS RESTAURANT Project Date. 2014-01-17 Industry. Restaurant and Cafe

Cosmopolitan is a word specifically highlighted by Surplus′ concept, because of the cosmopolitan structure of Istanbul. A culinary idea free from artificial boundaries of place and time, reflecting the past and the present, yesterday and today, and constantly revolve itself in line with the zeitgeist. Every dish ever made on these lands is cherished and re-created in Surplus′s kitchen, inspired by the soul of Istanbul. Flavors, culinary methods, and spices from these lands, combined with the sunset and the songs of seagulls, inspire its kitchen with other touches from Istanbul. Istanbul means different things to different people. Surplus combines these meanings and tastes with the unique flavors of Istanbul. And it invites everyone to meet their own Istanbul.

Traditional dishes accompanying a marvelous view of historic Istanbul and the guests opinions on these tastes are described with attractive images.

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