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“Sütaş” Natural taste from farm to table! // Corporate Website
Sütaş // Corporate Website
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Sütaş was established in 1975 in Ulubat village of Karacabey, Bursa with a passion of promoting the benefits and divine gift of dairy products, with the value chain "from farm to table" and by managing and developing the resources entrusted to us in the best way, and it offers natural and delicious dairy products to increase life quality of people and bring them health and happiness. Initially, its daily milk processing capacity was 5 tons/day, and today Sütaş has a milk processing capacity of 2,600 tons/per day in total, with 1,200 tons/day at Karacabey facilities, and 1,400 tons/day at Aksaray facilities.

All natural and delicious dairy products are promoted and sold on the website with a passion of promoting the benefits and divine gift of dairy products. Tips for a balanced and healthy diet as well as healthy recipes are given on the website for a better and healthier life. Sections for a green future, divine gift of milk and training activities are also available on the site. It is regularly updated with highly popular Sütaş commercials and cartoons.

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