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“Sütaş Ayran” When it is time to eat, time for Sütaş Ayran! // Advergame
Sütaş Ayran // Advergame
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Brand. SÜTAŞ Project Date. 2013-12-20 Industry. Food, Beverages

Anytime, anywhere, drink Sütaş Ayran to win. At the office, canteen, school or home... People drink Sütaş ayran all the time altogether. Shake more Sütaş Ayran when you are eating to increase your chance to win our presents!

At Sütaş Ayran facebook app, the more you share your Sütaş Ayran, the more points you win and the higher your score bar gets. Drink more and shake more to pass the level and win!

  • Art Direction
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Creative Idea, Campaign, Moderation

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