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“Blipping with Sütaş Ayran” Download, scan and Blipp the fun! // Advergame
Blipping with Sütaş Ayran // Advergame
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Brand. SÜTAŞ Project Date. 2015-12-25 Industry. Production, Industry

As Blippar, an augmented reality application designed to bring the physical world to digital by using the cameras on mobile devices, is becoming increasingly popular in Turkey; we have developed for Sütaş Ayran the first Blippar project for dairy products in Turkey. The aim was to offer a fun experience to the consumers of the Brand with this new generation application. You can blipp to listen to music, take fun photos and play games anywhere you see Sütaş Ayran logo.

Download Blippar to your smart phone from App Store or Android Market free of charge, scan the Sütaş Ayran logo and start to blipp to have fun. Once you download the Blippar application to your phones, you can blipp everywhere you see the Sütaş Ayran Logo and listen to music on Spotify with the "List Shakers", take fun photos with "Take Photo & Have Fun" or play "Sütaş Ayran Shaker".

  • Art Direction
  • Social Media Communication
  • Creative Idea, Campaign, Moderation

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