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“Tarlabaşı 360” Revival of a scene from history in Tarlabaşı! // Website
Tarlabaşı 360 // Website
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Brand. ÇALIK GAYRİMENKUL Project Date. 2016-03-31 Industry. Construction

Tarlabaşı 360 invites you to live the beauty of modern times on the trail of history. A unique history that makes you feel nostalgic when you look at old photos is becoming true with Tarlabaşı 360. Once a center of business, art, entertainment and life, Tarlabaşı deviated from its original architecture and lost its glory in time, but now it is about to return to its glory days again.

The website of Tarlabaşı360 emerged with the motto "Revival Of A Scene From History In Tarlabaşı!" The digital communication language and imagery of the project are inevitable influenced by the story of Tarlabaşı, which was once a pearl lying in the heart of Istanbul as a center of business, art, entertainment and life. The website provides the concept, location, architectural details and layout plans of the project in accord with the spirit of the town to the end-users.

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  • SEO

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