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Brand. VARLIBAŞ HOLDING Project Date. 2012-09-07 Industry. Construction

VARYAP was established in 1975 as a real estate development, construction, and contracting company and today it has been putting its signature on some of the most notable infrastructure and superstructure construction projects of Turkey that not only add value to our nation but also represent our country on an international scale. In each project VARYAP has brought to life, maintainability, distinctiveness and leadership have always been on the foreground. VARYAP has opened a new chapter in the industry with its innovative vision and projects including Uphill Court Ataşehir, Uphill Court Bahçeşehir, VARYAP Meridian and Metropol Istanbul.

VARYAP has carried out many great and special projects so far and detailed information on its completed and ongoing projects is available on its website.

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